Bill’s for Brunch, Hoxton Square London

On our first morning in London we woke up to the aftermath of the Barrio East tacos and cocktails. The sun was shining, the sirens were howling and our stomachs rumbling. We took a stroll around the corner to Hoxton Square, laughing at the antics of the night before. Seeing Bill’s ahead of us was like seeing your home after a long day. It looked so beautiful and homely. We knew instantly that we wanted to go in for brunch.


Such a cute exterior!



Indoors was even more cute. It reminded me so much of The Plum Tree in Glasgow. It had a cosy, small, local feel, although I now realise that it’s a chain (you’d never guess it), with fresh baking and preserves, oils and various other deli items for sale. I felt instantly comfortable.

The Food


Bill’s Mixed Berry & Banana Smoothie

If you find yourself in Bill’s feeling a little tender, oh do beware. I ordered this smoothie to “fill myself with goodness” and whilst I absolutely achieved my goal, this smoothie slapped me about and made me cry. Well, not actually cry, but definitely squint and gawk. It was very, very sour. I’m going to blame that on the pineapple. It was definitely 100% berry and banana, but too tart for me in my delicate condition. Not that I didn’t clear the lot – my poor body needed it.




Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes

Oh yes. I know you don’t need a description but I just want to relive these pancakes! Soft, fluffy buttermilk pancakes with little blueberry bombs within, served with sliced banana, strawberries and blueberries. If that wasn’t sweet enough, they added a lashing of maple syrup and a smattering of icing sugar. They were absolute bliss.



Eggs Benedict

I love eggs Benedict – although I’d never tried them with the normal ham. I’m a Royale girl and I love my smoked salmon! I tried out the poached free range egg, hollandaise and sliced ham concoction on a toasted english muffin in Bill’s. It was gorgeous, but salmon is where my heart lies.

Check out Bill’s website and see if there is one near you – they have several restaurants around England and Wales…any chance of a wee change of scenery Bill? Scotland is full of hungry people. C’mon up!


Bill’s Restaurant

1 Hoxton Square


N1 6NU

0207 7397689


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