Barrio East – Cocktail Cantina Club, Shoreditch, London

As many of you will know from my Twitter, I had a weekend in sunny London Town (in my head I’m saying Landaaan Taaaaan like Bianca from Eastenders). My friends and I took Shoreditch by storm and had a blast! On the evening we arrived we went to Barrio East. I’ve taken photos of the venu from their website to appropriately show it off.


It is such a cool venue – bright block colour, flowers, mirrors, mosaic, tiles, wood, lanterns – a bloomin’ CARAVAN – it’s just so interesting, fun and cool! Originally we were going to just drink and dance but we ended up having the works! Dinner, cocktails, shots and dancing.

The Food


Street Tacos

We ordered a few dishes to share. We had two types of tacos – ‘Pork Cochinita’ which was gorgeous, tender slow cooked achiote pork with citrus pickled red onions on top. The second type was the ‘Beef Borracha’ taco which was beef braised in beer-chilli sauce with black beans and topped with sliced red chilli. The tacos were all soft which made life so simple – crunchy tacos are great but a nightmare to eat (in public). Served with a wedge of lime and a gorgeous coriander infused salsa in a cute jar. Totally delicious. I could really go some right now…


Patatas Bravas

I’m going to probably shock/horrify you. I don’t like Patatas Bravas on a very general basis. Most people are stunned by this like it’s some sort of crime against tapas. Really tomatoey dishes often aren’t to my taste. This one was served with aoli drizzled across it and my friends wolfed it down – I’m assuming that means they loved it!


Baby Back Ribs

Ah want ma baby back, baby back, baby back…riiiiiiiibs. Austin Powers 3, anyone?

Delicious marinated ribs, coated in Barrio’s special homemade glaze made up of agave syrup, lime and adobo chilli. They were so sweet, sticky and spicy. Amazing. Wet wipes recommended! My friend Emily was adamant that her finger would make this shot and she would be famous. Don’t forget your friends or who you used to be when the fame sets in, love!


Pinchos de Pollo

Chicken skewers marinated in light coconut milk, cumin and achiote spices, served with pineapple salsa. Chicken on a stick is always a winner for me! Mild and fruity – perfect when washed down with cocktails!


Camerones Con Coco

This is the dish that stole the show! Wow. The biggest, meatiest King Butterfly Prawns I have ever eaten, wrapped in a coconut breadcrumb coating, served with a pot of mango salsa. Such amazing prawns. I have never eaten such glorious prawns in my life – they were more like shrimp. The coconut batter was so sweet and the mango chutney was sweet and sour. It was a dream.

The Cocktails


Gingerbread Colada – Appleton VX & Koko Kanu rums with pineapple and coconut shaken with gingerbread. topped with crumbled gingerbread & pineapple.


Mellow Yellow – Velho Barreiro cachaça, Arrack coconut liqueur, lemon and mallow mix, topped with toasted marshmallows.

The Shots


They gave us free tequila! All good nights involve free tequila.

The Dancing

Hmmm, I debated showing pictures of the dancing. My friends and I are good-time-gals and alas!…absolutely not elegant. I vividly remember doing the funky chicken, my friend doing the splits and a few Macarenas – photos haven’t appeared of the incidents as yet. Instead, here is the caravan which is next to the dance floor:


My friends: you may thank me for sparing your dignity.

All in we had a fantastic night – great value, great staff and a fun, interesting but laid back place. The food is perfect as a dinner or as a bar snack. The prices are pretty much in line with Glasgow, so for London it was amazing. The music is typical London so the music is not great for people like me but they did play Daft Punk towards the end so I got over it. I’d definitely go back!


Barrio East

141-143 Shoreditch High Street



E1 6JE

0207 749 3940



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