#Tweet4aTable by the Co-Operative

Is that a hashtag in my title? Why, yes it is! No, I haven’t become one of those people – worry not! Recently on Twitter I got wind of a ‘pop-up restaurant’ that was touring the UK and was reaching Glasgow. The restaurant is run by The Co-operative who are promoting their Truly Irresistible range. It really is irresistible!

There’s no such thing as a free lunch? I beg to differ! I, like many others, tweeted for my table and hoped that I’d be one of the people selected to have a free lunch! I was pretty chuffed to get a table! I congratulated my dad on being my company for the day.

“Dad, fancy a free lunch?”
“Oh aye – where?”
“This Co-Op thing – it should be good!”
“Ooooh is it one of these exclusive blog things?”
“Yes. Very exclusive. Only for anyone on Twitter.”

He was pretty excited, although on the way there he had cold feet:

“What do you mean it should be good?”
“Well I haven’t been before so I can’t exactly guarantee it…”
“Maybe we should just go somewhere else! Why don’t we go somewhere we know?!”
“If it’s terrible I know a great burger place round the corner – calm down, it’ll be fine!”

He ate all the food infront of him and his words, let me tell you!


Our venue for the day was assembled in St Enoch’s Square in Glasgow – it was simply decorated with lanterns and plants which made it a great summer hideout. The sun was splitting the trees and it was the perfect little summer spot. We were greeted by friendly staff who ushered us to our seats and got us a drink. They had a selection of juices and wines, but we opted for a summery Sparkling British Raspberry Juice which was absolutely gorgeous – sweet, tart and ice cold.


There is a competition for diners to win a holiday, so we used the props and took a few photos!





Then the food arrived! My favourite: antipasti! On what looked like a big wooden oar.




We had our tabletop toolkit to hand:


In addition to that, we were given some basil infused dipping oil – it was the winner for me. It was so fragrant and delicious.


Green Olive Bread & Sun-kissed Cherry Tomatoes

I’ll be honest: I only tolerate olives. I’m working on it, but I don’t yet enjoy them. Having them baked into bread is a completely different matter. The bread was freshly made and came out warm and soft as soft can be. It has a lovely, strong man’s crust so it’s not so soft that it’s flimsy. It was the perfect platform for the dipping oils et al! The sun-kissed tomatoes were so punchy. They were little tangy herby bombs. I love them. They’d be amazing in salads or a pasta!


Lemon & Coriander Houmous and Mixed Olives with Feta

I love houmous, but some varieties don’t quite match my taste. I can say for absolute certainty that this is the perfect houmous! It has the citrusy taste without being tangy, beautiful freshness of the coriander and the earthiness of the chickpeas but they all matched and reached a balance. It was amazing. I ate way more than my fair share and its No #1 on my shopping list!


Red Pepper Houmous and the Italian Meat Selection: Procuitto, Salami Milano and Spianata Romana

Red pepper houmous, ah what a shame for you today. Until today you would have been my favourite houmous, but the lemon & coriander variety has beaten you! Credit where it’s due, this was beautiful too. Earthy houmous with fresh and sweet red pepper.

The meat was to die for, particularly the Proscuitto. It was fresh and had such a gorgeous ham taste – obviously it is ham, but it was just such a powerful ham taste which is amazing for cold meat served wafer thin. It’s not something I usually buy, but I’m definitely picking some up!


Fresh Mozzarella & Peppadew Peppers stuffed with Cream Cheese

Ah Peppadews. My addiction. If you look in my fridge you will most probably see a jar of these, and if you don’t, I’ll be anxious to buy more. My issue is I graze on these in the exact way that people graze on grapes (except I use a fork, of course). You can’t go wrong with these in your life.


Comté Cheese

Comté cheese is a lovely cheese for a nibble-fest such as this. It’s a medium hard cheese with a strong and dry, but sweet flavour. It went down a treat with the sun-kissed tomatoes!

I was pretty full, but as we were leaving some other staff members were handing out free samples. I said “no thank-you” to one, and was then hit by the smell. The most wonderful, instantly recognisable smell of pizza. Just LOOK at it.


This was a fabulous lunch we had – and it’s beyond simple to recreate! Especially given that these are ALL products in a shop I rarely go to! I do this kind of thing all the time at home and you can keep it really healthy, but only if you want to…my love of cheese ruins it (health wise)! I’m definitely popping into my local Co-Op to stock up on a few of the items mentioned for my next antipasti indoor picnic!

I highly recommend that you check out Tweet4aTable ASAP to see when they’re near you!





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