Restaurant Re-Launch: Tullie Inn, Balloch

I absolutely love a jaunt to Loch Lomond – when the sun shines it’s a location close to, if not the top of the list of places I (and most central Scots) travel to. What’s not to love?



I spend a fair amount of time in Argyll, so I pass Loch Lomond on the way – generally not really thinking to stop for food as I have my ‘go-to’ options already in mind. I remember a few years ago finding myself in Balloch and noticing The Tullie Inn. I just kept driving. Last week I heard that they had recently spent a small fortune on a massive refurbishment, and I took a look at their photographs and new menu. I was impressed!

You can only imagine my joy when I was invited to their VIP relaunch evening! I’m going to start by saying that I had a fabulous night – we were SO well looked after by the staff and SO well catered for! It was a truly wonderful evening.

Soooooo…the refurb? They did a fantastic job! Welcome to your Loch Lomond summer house!





There were a whole host of drinks available – all the usual soft drinks, a few beers and a few cocktails. Naturally I sampled the cocktails – Kir Royals and summery Pimms.



The food was served in course order – bread, oil and olives, starting platters, main course samples and then dessert samples.


The starters we sampled were the sharing platters. Firstly we were given the seafood platter.



This consisted of: smoked salmon, mussels, hot smoked mackerel and crayfish. The fish was served with capers, tartare sauce, lime mayonnaise & chunks of bread. I loved the salmon and mackerel – both were absolutely gorgeous. The rest I wasn’t massive on – for me personally, mussels and crayfish need to be in a sauce. The mayonnaise and tartare sauce were a great addition and gave the fish an extra kick.

Next up was the Italian meat platter. I was delighted when I spied the cream cheese stuffed peppers (peppadews). I keep these in my fridge and graze on them like normal people graze on grapes. I LOVE them! The mixed meats were served with sunblush tomatoes, chickpeas, feta & mozzarella, olives, balsamic oil & soft farmhouse bread. I love things like this! A combination of this and a cheeseboard is my heaven!


Finally, the vegetarian platter!



The veggies at my table went nuts for this. I swiped the peppadews and went back to the meat platter – it’s not my thing really. This was a mixture of chargilled vegetables, olives, sunblush tomatoes, mozarella and bread. Oh and humous which was absolutely DELICIOUS. I ended up putting humours on everything.

The main course samples came out – most were parts of dishes for us to try. I’ll keep this brief as they gave us LOADS to try!

Chicken goujons and potato skins. The goujons were a little greasy, but they were nice.

I loved these so much! Like potatoey crisps. Utterly brilliant. I particularly enjoyed them with the humous!

Moroccan lamb stew wrapped in a flatbread. This was delicious! If they sold them as a takeaway for lunch I’d order!

Pulled pork served on a grilled apple. It tasted criminally beautiful. I love pulled pork. Even the words make me happy.

Mini cheeseburger! As you can see I took a bite. And I have no regrets.

By the time the desserts arrived, I was stuffed. I couldn’t manage another bite…..

Yeah, right. Hello platter of strawberry cram meringues, brownies and profiteroles!



I enjoyed all three, but the profiteroles and meringues were particularly beautiful. The meringue was sweet and crumbly with a juicy ripe strawberry and cream. The profiteroles were bite size and just perfect. Soft pastry, rich gooey chocolate and nice fresh cream.


I was heading to Argyll (as I do) the weekend after the launch, so before I left the launch event I booked a tabl; I wanted to go back straight away. As I booked, I asked about a gluten free menu and she printed me off a very detailed menu to give to my father in law there and then. Excellent! I love restaurants that have this covered in advance. As I waited on the menu printed I admired this light:


Cool, huh?

I will post the review of my proper meal shortly! A massive ‘well done’ to all involved in the new Tullie Inn! The restaurant is gorgeous, the food is gorgeous and…oh all right, the staff are gorgeous too. If you’re going to/past or be near Loch Lomond then pop in for a meal! I highly recommend it!


The Tullie Inn

Balloch Road


Loch Lomond

G83 8SW

(01389) 752052



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