Cocktail & Burger, Glasgow

Can I just say that this place is THE best find! I devoured the most amazing burger. Sit down children and let me tell you the wonderful story involving pulled pork, cocktails and old friends…


I’d heard great things about Cocktail & Burger so I took a look at their menu, not expecting it to really interest me. In my head nothing could beat Gourmet Burger Kitchen and admittedly I’m not a huge burger fan. Well, I wasn’t. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the value for money – all burgers are BOGOF and cocktails are generally under £5. Did I die and go to heaven? I couldn’t get them out of my mind. Not at all helped by this photo on their Twitter:


On Sauchiehall Street, C&B doesn’t stand out – you could very easily miss it! Look for the black canopy and their menu board. Inside it’s a dark, trendy but welcoming space – it’s really small but comfortable booths ensure personal space. The Motown tunes made me love the place instantly! I’ll give you a quick cocktail montage, but I’ll put the details on my Cocktail Guide.

The Cocktails


Strawberry Daiquiri


Screaming Orgasm


Dark & Stormy


Jack the Rabbit


Berry Mojito


Mango Mojito

The cocktails are excellent value for money – some places in Glasgow can give shady portions and charge at least £6 whereas at C&B you get healthy portions at a great price. The cocktails taste gorgeous and are beautifully presented. I’d go here for a drink if not a drink with food!

The Burgers

Poppin’ Pork



This beauty is a brioche bun with a bed of slow-cooked roast pork belly, topped with Kopparberg cider onions. It tastes even better than it sounds, and that says something. I picked at the pork whilst waiting on my friends’ food arriving and the meat alone is just gorgeous. Loads of flavour, moist and tender.


I looked at this burger the way I looked at my friend’s newborn baby (with love, I didn’t eat the baby. Or want to. Digging a hole?)

Cheeky Cheeseburger with Gorgonzola


C&B (Cheese & Bacon)


Sometimes the least photogenic items look tastiest. Funny that.

All the burgers are good ol’ Aberdeen Angus beef and are sourced locally. The burgers are hand made so freshness, flavour and quality are guaranteed. At an event I was at I got talking to someone who knows the owner and he was telling me how much burger tasting took place before the menu was decided upon. The hard work paid off! I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed my burger and how much you should all go and enjoy one of your own.


Stealth Fries


A few people have moaned that the fries and sold separate. For a mere £1.95 you’re presented the most beautiful frites. They’re like a combination of McDonald’s fries but seasoned beautifully and not drenched in cheap fat. I was still eating them when cold.

Coney Island Fries


Simply put, these are chilli (manchego) cheese fries. I wouldn’t order them again – the chilli was dry but oily and generally not that great! I’d stick with plain fries as they’re gorgeous.

Oban Mussel Popcorn


I was like a moth to a flame. When I spied these on the menu I was dead certain I’d order them. They were even more beautiful that I imagined. Tempura battered mussels, deep fried into sweet and salty crisp bites. The taste of the mussels was slightly muted and their texture toughened up. They were served with a home made tartare sauce which had a lovely mustard flavour. I couldn’t get enough!

I highly recommend Cockail & Burger. The food, drinks, staff, atmosphere and price are all fantastic. Given the fact that my table ordered 6 beautiful burgers, sides and countless cocktails – we paid about £20 (ish) per head, there’s unbeatable value to be found in C&B. I’m going back, pronto!


Cocktail & Burger,

323 Sauchiehall Street,


G2 3HW

(0141) 353 0953



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