Pinto Mexican Kitchen, Glasgow

Remember that time I got a bit hysterical over a burrito bar in Belfast? And how I begged the burrito gods to open one in Glasgow? Well the wish was granted (kinda)! I was swanning about Twitter, as you do, and after a few false alarms I spied someone tweeting about an amazing burrito in Glasgow. I investigated. I found Pinto. After sampling the goods, I felt it was appropriate that I share the goodness!


This is Pinto! Bold, bright, energetic. The set up is very similar to Subway in that you work and order along a production line, adding to and personalising your food as you go. It totally beats Subway in the sense that they refuse to use microwaves or freezers: everything is fresh. Oh, and they’re licensed so you can enjoy a Margarita or a Desperado with your food!

I was slightly panicked, as I knew what I wanted until I had to order!

So here we go: my food.


I’ll break it down into ‘the stages’. My order was:

1. A burrito

2. Barbacoa beef – shredded barbecued beef.

3. Fire-roasted tomato chipotle salsa

4. Black beans

5. Monterey Jack cheese

6. Guacamole

This is very similar to my Boojum order; the salsa will be different and the rice Pinto give is the normal cilantro-lime rice whereas Boojum offer a savoury Mexican rice as an option, which I took. But apart from that I made the same order.



As I said: not photogenic. But very tasty.

So who wins between Boojum and Pinto? Now there is a question. As it stands, they’re equally delicious – I’ll need another burrito from each before I can conclude my research!


Pinto Mexican Kitchen,

138 Queen Street,


G1 3BX

(0141) 221 9330

Other locations.



Pinto Mexican on Urbanspoon

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