Viva Brazil – Glasgow

Meat sweats: A humorous phrase I have flippantly used in the past after eating a steak. But now, I have experienced ACTUAL meat sweats. The waitress at Viva Brazil told us that the restaurant was “a traditional Brazilian feast where everyone eats until the pass out”. She really wasn’t exaggerating. I thought I would actually die at one point (from over eating, nothing sinister).


You are given a place card that you use to indicate to the servers whether or not you’d like more meat – the servers being men with huge cuts of meat on a sword who circle the room slicing neat onto your plate.

Before the meat-fest, you take a trip to the buffet bar for your accompaniments. One side is hot snd the other is cold. The hot side is amazing. Pulled pork in black bean stew, sautéed mushrooms, assorted vegetables, the most beautiful creamy mashed potato…I could go on!



The cold side has pasta salads, olives, peas, corn, etc. I’m much more of a ‘hot-sides’ person – the cold side had loads to choose from but nothing that could convince me to put down the mashed potato. They also have cured cold meats, cubed cheese, cheesey dough balls and dips/powders. It’s really difficult to pace yourself because everything looks and smells so, so good!


I nicked the above photos from here and here!

So! The meat. The meeeeeaaaattt. As I said, the server will come around with meat on a sword/pole and slice off as much as you’d like.

Photo from Viva Brazil website.

Because of how the meat is cooked, the outer layer is well done and the inside is rare, so you can request what you’d like or have a cut that gives you all three. I recommend a bit of everything. All meats, all degrees of rareness. Everything.

Just look at that gorgeous rare meat. LOOK AT IT.

This is the Parmesan pork – I’d never have thought to mix pork and parmesan, but its an amazing combination! So tasty and smell in incredible!

Chicken wrapped in bacon.

I’m not gonna lie: I had one of everything at one point. Sausages, lamb, chicken…everything. It actually got to be quite ridiculous, where I was accepting food faster than I was eating.

My friend summoned some of their pineapple. It was…odd. Not bad odd, but not good odd either. Odd. Everyone else lapped it up!


By the end, I was truly defeated:


I had an amazing night at Viva Brazil – the food is delicious, particularly the meat and the service was fantastic. The staff are always nearby and they’re so attentive. I’m really excited to go back and do it all again. Next time I will only change one thing: I will pace myself.


Viva Brazil
87 – 91 Bothwell Street,
G2 7AA

(0141) 204 0240



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