The Mill Inn, Coulter (near Biggar)

My Herby Food Map is pretty centralised around Glasgow because I live in that area. I am slowly but surely making my way around the surrounding areas! At the weekend, I decided to take a drive down the M74 to Coulter which is just next to Biggar. For the people who live in my end of the country: you take the motorway exit at Starbucks!

The Mill Inn is a grey stone inn (funnily enough) that sits on a hill, just as you enter Coulter. You can’t miss it. Especially given the fact they have this banner! I was amused!


We arrived and entered the front door and walked up the stairs – admiring the tartan carpet and lanterns on every other step. We opened the door to reveal a lovely banqueting room with white walls, wooden beams, balloons (why do they have balloons?)…..and staring faces. Ahh. A private function. Embarrassing. We smiled awkwardly and promptly removed ourselves and worked our way to the main area. It was very cosy with friendly faces (as opposed to ‘who the hell are you?’ faces), booths and the fireplace.


Posh Prawn Cocktail



I love prawn cocktail. I eat a shocking number of prawns in an average week! The prawn cocktail at the Mill Inn didn’t disappoint – lovely fresh seafood, creamy and tangy sauce and a generous salad at the side. The little brown roll was ridiculously soft! Absolutely lovely.

Howgate Deep Fried Brie



My love of cheese is no secret – especially gooey melted cheese! When I saw his on the menu I couldn’t resist it. Years ago my gran took my sister and I to Islay, an island in the west coast. We’d never heard of deep fried cheese – nowadays it’s everywhere – but then it was one of those ‘ooh that sounds interesting, I’ll try that!’ – and I’ve never looked back. This was beautiful Brie in crispy breadcrumbs served with a cranberry & port chutney. I’m not a huge fan of cranberry but its amazing with Brie as the cheese takes the tang out of the chutney and its just sweet and cheesy. Yum.

Main Courses

Macaroni Cheese



Good old stodgy comfort food this is! The macaroni cheese was classic – nice and cheddar-y with soft pasta, a scattering of fresh herbs, fries and a salad. Almost too much…..almost.

Hamilton’s of Biggar Haggis, Neeps & Tatties with Arran Whiskey



Quite frankly the most beautiful haggis I’ve tried. This is a traditional Scottish dish – served with all the typical elegance of a Scottish dish! The potatoes and turnip were so beautifully creamy and soft and so was the haggis. The whiskey sauce was beautiful too. It was so enjoyable to just mush it all up with the gravy and stuff myself!

All inn (ho ho…see what I did there?), I’d a great lunch here. It’s way off the beaten track for me and to be honest you’d drive right past without thinking. Their menu has some truly beautiful concoctions and I’ll be heading back to try them. Seriously, take a look at the menu, it’s gorgeous!


Mill Inn,
Coulter Village
ML12 6PZ

(01899) 220950


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