Sapporo Teppanyaki, Glasgow

Everyone knows how much I love my noodles! Sapporo Teppanyaki has been on my hit list for absolutely ages and I decided to go last week. I was on a mission to try some sushi. I love seafood and I’ve never tried it…and I have no idea why! Life (read: other food) got in the way I guess.

As usual, I ordered a cocktail. Just ’cause. A Japanese Mojito! The standard Mojito chat but with sake and some sweet Midori. Gorgeous.


For those that are interested, Teppanyaki is a Japanese style of cooking which involves a big hot plate. You sit around this hot plate whilst the chef cooks your food and provides top notch entertainment! The first piece of entertainment: catching fried potatoes in my mouth.

The chef fried up a whole batch of these (addictive) potato slices and gave us some. Then he proceeds to throw them at you until you catch it without using your hands. And I mean he literally keeps throwing them! We were given little dishes of sauce – garlic mayonnaise, soy sauce and a chilli sauce.


We went for some sushi from the simple menu as I thought I’d ease myself in! It was hard to decide – I think I need to go out with the intention of just eating sushi to order everything I want. I want to try it all. But for the day, I settled on the smoked trout.



I’m impressed. It’s quite plain, but not bland. It was really enjoyable and I could’ve eaten my weight in it! The rice is SO sticky and just gorgeous, and the trout was just lovely, flaky, smokey trout.



I love their cute pink flower garnishes. I didn’t realise it was ginger until I was chewing it. Unfortunate.

Main Courses


Our chef began the cooking process – stir fry vegetables, egg, rice and noodles.


We chose the base of our teppanyaki style cooked stir fry – My friend chose yellowfin tuna and I opted for scallops with garlic and ginger. Yes, ALL of those scallops were for me! I couldn’t believe how generous the portion is!


After watching the chef flip and shovel our food around, dinner was served!



It was absolutely delicious. Far too much scallop for me to eat, but absolutely brilliant. It reminds me a little of Khublai Khans because of how it’s cooked and the end product is similar. I’m definitely going back, but I might order something from the kitchen. I like the attention that kitchen-made food gets.

Before I finish this post up: here’s the main attraction in terms of entertainment!




Too. Cool.


Sapporo Teppanyaki

2-6 Ingram Street,

Merchant City,


G1 1HA

(0141) 290 0975



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