Forget the Tesco burger, try Khublai Khans Glasgow!

The whole “Tesco horse burger” scandal has been pretty hilarious over the past few days. The horse puns, hilarious photos and videos, analogies and the general public’s sheer DISGUST. Someone commented to me ‘Can you BELIEVE they use horse meat?!” – I laughed and said I wasn’t bothered. I mean, lying about the meat content is not cool. Food manufacturers shouldn’t EVER lie. But I have no issue with meat being from a horse.

I joked to one of my friends that if you want to try horse meat, your best bet would be Khublai Khans. I realised that I’d eaten there and not blogged it – so I decided to have a look on their website and Facebook.

I bet they danced with glee when the Tesco burger scandal hit the fan!

I had taken photos of my food, but at the time I did it because it was just, well, my “thing”. Blogging happened shortly after! I am going to go back and try me some horse (Tesco Value burgers aren’t my idea of enjoyment!) but for now I’ll share my Khublai Khan experience!

Khublai Khans is a Mongolian BBQ restaurant. Indoors it’s pretty much what you’d expect for a warrior meat-feast – long wooden tables, candle and fire light, warrior-esque decor and swords! We were greeted by friendly staff who explained how it worked:

1. You’re given a bowl to fill with ingredients. You start off with rice, noodles and a whole range of vegetables. Then you move onto the meat. They have a whole host of different things to choose from: standard meats like chicken, lamb, beef, pork, and then more exotic ones such as Springbok, Zebra, Kangaroo, Wild Boar and many others – they change it frequently. Oh, and if that isn’t enough, they have seafood too! Mussels, squid, etc. A huge variety!

2. The next station is the array of oils, herbs, spices, pastes and sundries for your perusal – and a large board on the wall gives suggested combinations. You add this to your bowl.


3. So you have your bowl of DIY stir fry magic. Now it begins to be fun! You then approach the chef who is standing over his ‘warrior shield’ ie. a gigantic hot plate with his swords. He will then fry, flip and serve your food. The staff explain to you that you shouldn’t mix the meats as they have different cooking times, and due to the cooking method some may be over cooked. Mixing is too much fun to resist.

Ebay 048

Ebay 049

You can stand and watch, and the chef will hand you your food in a bowl, or you can take a token and return to your seat. The first few dishes I stood and stared in amazement at the chef manoeuvre the food more efficiently with two swords than I can with a spatula. Thereafter I was happy to park myself and let them wait on me!

Ebay 044

This is one of my (many) mixtures! Springbok, noodles, vegetables and God knows what herbs and spices. Half of the time you can’t even remember what you fired into the bowl. For me, I got over excited and chucked loads of oils and spices in!

I’ve written this blog back-to-front – the starters were delicious but ultimately, they’re not so interesting in comparison to the ‘weird meat’ and ‘sword hot plate chef’ and ‘warrior stuff’ that we were buzzing for. Here are our starters:

Ebay 041
Kangaroo Haggis, Neeps & Tatties

Kangaroo is a beautiful meat. Okay, the thought of hunting Skippy down and eating him is ever so slightly sad, but let’s face it. It tastes amazing. Haggis is never going to be totally acceptable: sheep guts Vs Skippy the Kangaroo. I will stand by haggis, in any form it takes.

Ebay 042
Thai Fish Cakes

These were lovely, and regular readers of this blog will know how much I absolutely love my seafood. To be truthful, amongst the other interesting meats and experimental foods, the fish cakes are quite lost on me. They were lovely and absolutely faultless. Just not particularly interesting!

Ebay 040
Wild Boar Spring Rolls

Wild Boar isn’t so much a rare thing nowadays – supermarkets are selling Wild Boar pate and the like. Still, it was something a bit different for me and even the name sounds exciting! The spring rolls were really lovely – jam-packed with meat and vegetables in nice, crispy rolls. The salad and sweet chilli sauce were perfect with it.

My next ‘to do’ item is to try Horse. Without it being mashed up with cheap beef and some pig DNA! I think I’ll go back here and try it instead of buying cheap ready meals and playing animal roulette!


Khublai Khans Mongolian BBQ
26 Candleriggs,
Merchant City,
G1 1LD

*They have another restaurant in Edinburgh.



I’m just going to leave you with something I found pretty funny!


Khublai Khan Barbecue on Urbanspoon

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