Urban Angel, Edinburgh

How do you liiiiike your eggs in the morning? I like mine with a kiss!

Or failing that: Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. I have always loved salmon, yet I’d never tried it until recently! What a REVELATION. I can’t believe I haven’t tried this already, so much time wasted!

We were in Edinburgh for an overnight stay and headed out for some breakfast. We stumbled upon Urban Angel and decided to give the organic, locally sourced and fresh menu a shot!



From the outside it looks tiny, but when you go inside its like a rabbit warren with separate compartments. We sat in the back room which was cute – exposed walls, log fire and fir tree and fairy light decorations. The staff were very relaxed and friendly – just what you want early on in the day!

So what did we eat? The finest breakfast in ALL THE LAND.

A cuppa. Standard.

The cutest coffee ever.



French toast, crispy bacon and maple syrup.

I’d never tried it with a baguette and it was really nice! I liked that it held its own and was less soggy than a normal loaf! Bacon and syrup together just make sense.



Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon.

AMAZING. As I said before, I can’t believe I’d never tried it before! I put it down to sleeping through until lunch time. I’m not a morning person so breakfast is normally slept through and I literally make no effort to make or eat it. If I am aware of this being available to me I WILL wake up! I’ll even set an alarm.

I’ll leave you with this image…



Urban Angel,
121 Hanover Street,

(0131) 225 6215


1 Forth Street,

(0131) 556 6323




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5 thoughts on “Urban Angel, Edinburgh

  1. Anthony and I went here when we were in Edinburgh, the French toast was so good! I had also never had it with a baguette either, it makes it taste so much better!!


  2. Anthony and I went here when we were in Edinburgh. Their French toast is lovely. I’d never had it with a baguette either, but it tastes so much nicer!!


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