SmithS of Uddingston

SmithS is one of my new favourite restaurants! I’ve driven past the restaurant numerous times and wanted to try their food, and now I finally have. What a meal! Located on the Main Street of Uddingston, just outside Glasgow, SmithS is a Scottish-French fusion brasserie restaurant.



The restaurant is like a quaint little bistro which is cosy and warm. When you first walk in, it’s hard to believe that this modest restaurant had beaten Michelin star restaurants for the title of Scottish Restaurant of the Year. When you taste the food it all makes sense!

I must must MUST mention the truly brilliant staff at this point. If you are, or dine with someone who is following a gluten free diet then you’ll understand the nerves, anxiety and often, the inconvenience of ordering a meal. When booking we mentioned that one member of our party required gluten free, as we usually do. Practically everywhere requires you to re-tell them when you arrive and they faff about with the menu, checking and rechecking with the chef.

Not in SmithS. As soon as we sat down the waitress showed us the gluten free menu, explained everything and actually knew what she was talking about. The selection of food suitable for a coeliac/gluten free diet was absolutely brilliant. Even when ordering, delivering food she reassured us that items – the shortbread for example – were suitable. It was lovely to be reassured rather than feel like you’re pestering staff! I was so impressed.


Upon arrival we were given a glass of (this is my guess, I’m useless when it comes to wine) Prosecco with a blackcurrant cordial. I generally don’t like wine, in any form, but this was really nice and I managed my glass!



King scallop croquette with pea purée, delicate bistro salad leaves, tomato and capers. I have never tried scallops like this before – it was absolutely delicious. The batter for the scallops was crisp and herby and between the batter and the scallop was some of the pea purée. The purée was also beneath the scallops to hold it in place. The sweet tomatoes, tangy capers and the modest salad just complemented one another. It was nice and light, but full of flavour.


Breadcrumb covered goats cheese salad. Again, this was a first! Most goats cheese is served as a grilled medallion, so the crunchy texture and toasted taste of the breadcrumbs was a welcomed change! It was served with salad and caramelised onions.


Sweet potato and butternut squash soup – served in a big teacup!


The soup was really lovely – especially given the cold weather we’d entered the restaurant from. The soup was thick, creamy, smooth and very comforting. It was beautifully garnished with herbs and oil, and again those added a nice punch to what can sometimes be a bland soup.

Main Courses


Roast beef, creamy mashed potato with roasted vegetables and spinach. This was the choice of our coeliac friend who generally plays it safe! The meat was moist and tender, the vegetables were sweet and al dente. The spinach was the perfect addition to the mix – it was a lovely homely dish.


Mushroom tortellini drizzled in olive oil and topped with shaved Parmesan. I’m all about sauce when order pasta – I’d have this drowned in a creamy sauce! It’s not something I’d order, but after trying a bit I was surprised that it was quite rich and full of flavour.

Now. This is where I went a bit photo-daft. My main course absolutely stole the show and I’ve been raving about it since! Pork belly, Stornoway black pudding (the best black pudding!) with smooth mustard mashed potato, roasted vegetables, green beans and crispy onion.





Right. How to describe this? Ok, the pork. I brushed it with my fork and it fell apart as it was so tender and moist. The pork just peeled apart and it tasted divine. DIVINE. I know black pudding isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I can’t understand why. Pork and black pudding are magical together! Rich pudding with nice moist meat, what’s not to love? The vegetables were nice and sweet – cabbage, carrot and parsnips as well as the mustard mash which was nice and mild. The dish was bordering on heavy but it wasn’t, it was a good filling meal but not too much. I want to order it again. Now.


We all ordered the same dessert! I think the words ‘Nutella pannacotta’ have the magnetic pull to outdo the other options! It was served with pistachio ice cream, raspberries, a strawberry and dried pineapple. It was amazing. I’d want a bigger scoop of ice cream next time though! I’m all about balance and there was a couple of spoons of ice cream amiss to calm the rich pannacotta!




All in all, the pictures really do say it all. I can’t articulate the beauty of most of the food I eat and this meal is no exception – you simply have to go yourself and try it! In case you aren’t 100% clear: I loved it.


199 Main Street
G71 7BP

(01698) 818444


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