Tapas at Café Andaluz

You may or may not have gathered that I love food, and ordering food is a massive ordeal to me. WHAT TO PICK? I am famous for the words “Can I try a wee bit?” when other people’s food hits the table. I like to try loads of different things, and I always panic that I order something and then lust after someone else’s food! If you suffer this dilemma, then tapas is for you!

Tapas is simply a small serving of a dish, which means you can order two or three dishes (each!) at a time NOT look like a fatty (much)!

Café Andaluz is one of my favourite tapas restaurants. After a few visits I realised that the owners of the restaurant are in fact the same as my good old friend Di Maggios! I have been in the Glasgow and Edinburgh restaurants, and both are lovely but what I will say is that the staff in Glasgow haven’t been particularly friendly any of the times I’ve been. I’ve taken the photos below from their website to show the traditional Spanish decor.

The restaurants are rustic mediterranean and packed with character! There are patterns, cushions, lanterns and artwork everywhere. The restaurants are dimly lit to give a cosy atmosphere. But as great as all that is, the food is why you’re here. And the food doesn’t disappoint!

There were two of us and we decided to get six tapas dishes between us, which was plenty. We were starving and cleared the lot in about 15 minutes – we felt that was worthy of an award!

Gambas Pil Pil – this is a sizzling dish of huge, juicy prawns in a garlic and chilli butter. Do not eat this on or before a date! It was so flavoursome and garlicky – but not spicy, so don’t worry. It just has a little hum of heat.

Berenjenas Rellenas de Pimientos – This was beautiful! An oven-baked aubergine shell filled with tangy cous cous and peppers, then coated in a herby tomato sauce. Oh yes, then smothered with grated Manchego cheese!

Pollo Rebozado con Miel – this is one of my absolute favourite dishes! I always order this and the next one because, together, they are a dreamy party in my mouth. The tender strips of chicken are battered and then soaked with Spanish honey & whole grain mustard. The batter is crispy, not soggy. It’s sweet, crispy and just absolutely decadent!

Patatas Gratinadas – In my eyes, this dish and the Pollo Rebozado con Miel are betrothed. They belong together! In essence, this is a Spanish dauphinoise; Layered sliced potato baked with cream & mild Spanish cheese. So dreamy and comforting – addictively so!

Pato a la Francesa – Confit of duck leg with red wine & thyme. This tasted better than it looks, which says something. Also, it was the least fatty duck I’ve eaten in a while which is a bonus! The sauce was indulgent, the meat was tender, and I was drooling. It was delicious.

Lubina con Salsa de Mango – Grilled fillet of sea-bass with a mango and sweet pepper salsa. This was tangy and refreshing – and a perfect match for the aubergine and cous cous. This was perfect!

Their menu has an amazing range – I try a couple of new dishes each time I go and I am yet to be disappointed! It can be as big or small a meal as you’d like, but regardless of the portion size I con confidently say you’ll love it and continue to love it as you return!


Café Andaluz

Glasgow City Centre
12-15 St Vincent Place
G1 2DW
0141 222 2255

Glasgow West End
2 Cresswell Lane
G12 8AA
0141 339 1111

77b George Street
0131 220 9980




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