Trick or treat?

Hello again! My last post Showed the carving of some pumpkins and I said I’d do a follow up post to show you what I did with the ‘guts’ of my pumpkin!

I’m pleased with them!

For those that haven’t read my first post I’ll give a quick helpful hint. When we were hollowing out the pumpkins I set up a few bowls to organise the process. One bowl for the seeds, one for the flesh and the other for sorting rubbish. Preheat your oven to 200°C.

I decided to keep it simple and roast the seeds and turn the flesh into some pumpkin soup. I first tried pumpkin soup as a teenager when my mum made it and I LOVED it. Why I’ve never made it myself until today I have no idea!

To get rid of the fleshy bits I put the seeds into a colander and blasted them with cold water. You might need to use your hands to give a little scrub. When they’re clean, pat them dry and place them onto a baking tray.

I gave the seeds a few glugs of olive oil and some rock salt, then popped them in the oven for 25 minutes to go crispy! I then moved onto the soup. This was effortless – like most soup! The ingredients below are approximate as I don’t count/measure when I make soup, I just chuck it in until it looks good! Into my big soup pot I added:

The pumpkin,



sweet potatoes,

butternut squash,

Vegetable stock,

Seasoned with salt, pepper, parsley.

Look at that lovely mush. I boiled it all up, left it to cool and then blended it. The seeds came out the oven and I put them in a bowl!

They’ll be nice as a snack or mixed into a salad! I decided to add some on top of my soup.

So there you have it: a day of Hallowe’en fun, followed by snacks and lunches for the week! Enjoy!

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