Recipe: Goats Cheese Parcels

I’m trying to behave myself on the dining out front. Trying is the operative word. Again, I wil try to blog more despite the lack of wining and dining! That brings me to my dinner this evening! I am obsessed with goats cheese and I always have some (among many other cheeses) in my fridge. These are delicious, if I say so myself!


Goats cheese and pesto vegetable parcels!

These are so easy to make – I tend to make easy food during the week as after working I generally can’t be bothered and have to talk myself into cooking! I rattle these together with stuff from my fridge and freezer and you can use almost any cheese, flavourings or vegetables!

You need:

Puff pastry (I bought it ready rolled)
2 small peppers
4 spring onions
5 cherry tomatoes
A handful of spinach
1 clove of garlic
2 generous teaspoons of pesto

This gives you 4 parcels – 2 each was a decent portion for dinner!


Chop the veg nice and small and give it a wee fry with the garlic!


I chopped up my spinach roughly, added it along with the pesto and fried it for approximately a minute.


Cut the pastry sheet into squares and place the vegetable mixture into the centre. Try to keep the edges clear! I placed a 1cm slice of goats cheese on top.


Then just fold the corners into the centre and glaze with a beaten egg to give the pastry a nice tan! Bake for 15-25mins at 180°C!


Served with a salad and the leftover filling! Laaaaaaaavely!

5 thoughts on “Recipe: Goats Cheese Parcels

  1. Decided to make this today and it’s so tasty! I just used some veg I happened to have and seasoned that well instead of pesto (didn’t think it would go as well with my veg). NOM NOM NOM NOM

    Will definitely be making this again/experimenting with this more!


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