Di Maggio’s Aidrie – My First Love

Background Information

This blog post is taking you way back to the beginning of my food journey. As a young teenager I started off going to Pizza Hut with friends for lunch, and thinking how amazing eating out was. One day, I thought “Hmmm. I want to try somewhere fancier”, so we ventured to Di Maggios. I felt like I was eating Michelin Star food, and I felt very grown up ordering in a real restaurant. From this point onwards an addiciton developed.

I am now known for my Facebook ‘check in’ habit pertaining to Di Maggios, as it was once a weekly trip. The staff know me well because for a while I practically lived there. I feel that this blog post should tell the world WHY I’m always there!

OK, here we go…

In the Glasgow/Lanarkshire area, Di Maggio’s is well known. Different people go for different reasons – some go in their jeans for a casual dinner and others go for special occasions. Often restaurants are either casual or fancy, but Di Maggio’s can be both. The reason? Amazing, unpretentious food at a reasonable price.

I have tried a few different Di Maggio’s restaurants and as a chain, yes, their food is the same. To an extent – the Aidrie restaurant in particular is just better. The food has an extra something and the staff are just fantastic. You’re guaranteed a friendly reception (or maybe that’s just me because they’re giving an overcompensating “HELLO!” when really they’re thinking “Seriously? Here again?!”).

Before I go onto the photos, I want to remind you that the food is unpretentious. Presentation isn’t the focus here: flavour is.


Minestrone Soup

Minestrone soup in it’s most perfect form! I do enjoy a nice garnish of parsley and quaint buttered rolls but in Di Maggio’s I don’t care. For me, the measure of a good Minestrone is being able to sip the stock and be slapped with flavour and this does exactly that. It tastes amazing, even if it’s plain to the eye.

“Spaghetti on the Rocks”Image

“Spaghetti on the Rocks” is a twist on the classic Bolognese including Scottish shellfish, mussels, calamari and prawns. The tomato sauce is nice and light and garlicky, and the seafood adds a lovely taste. It’s very tasty!

Deep Fried Mozzarella Cubes

ImageDeep Fried Mozzarella Cubes with dip. A classic! Nice and gooey and served with salad and a tomato dip.

Goats Cheese Salad


Goats Cheese Salad – what it says on the tin. A nice sauce served with it, but again as you can see there is no pretension or attention to visual detail. But the taste…oh the taste!

Main Courses

T Bone Steak with fries, tomato & mushroom


T Bone Steak. Di Maggio’s isn’t known for it’s steak – there are plenty steak restaurants around – pizza and pasta is what I’d say they’re known for. This steak is absolutely perfect. Tender, rich and meaty. I’m drooling thinking about it.

*I’ve forgotten the name as it was a special* Crab Linguine


Di Maggios regularly have themed evenings where they decorate the restaurant, dress up the staff and present customers with trial recipe food and cocktails. I ordered this oven baked parmesan cream & crab pasta that was part of the American theme. I was not disappointed! It was mild yet full of flavour – and I only managed half, the portion was definitely USA style!

*I also forgot the name of this as it was a special* Linguine


My memory isn’t great. This one wasn’t to my personal taste – it was a little bit bland for me – I like a good sauce on my pasta and this was more of a lighter dish with roasted vegetables tossed through it. It’s perfect for those who want a light summery dish.


We were totally stuffed and didn’t even manage coffee, never mind dessert. I can’t recommend the waffles enough, they’re my dessert order when I do manage.


Di Maggios is one of my favourite restaurants, and I think it always will be. I always take people there who haven’t tried it – family from America, friends from down south and they have all adored it. Di Maggio’s offer great value through their two courses for £8.95 as a lunch time deal – I can assure you it’ll be the best tenner you spend!



1 Rochsolloch Road
01236 766561

(There are locations all over the Glasgow/Lanarkshire area so see the website for other contact details)



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