The Wide Mouth Frog Restaurant, Dalziel Park

Dalziel Park is a restaurant/golf club which has been known to locals for some time. Situated on the outskirts of Motherwell, near Carfin/Cleland in the affluent estate of Dalziel Park – a customer would expect high prices, high standards and the best of the best. However, in the past this was simply not delivered and the golf club has been subject to mixed reviews based on both food and service. Several previous owners, each placing their stamp on the venue – the public opinion remained intact. But the wind changed…

Then the Lisini Pub Co stepped in. It became clear that this takeover was different. Not necessarily extending the venue, the group seemed to be almost rebuilding it due to several sub-par jobs – not to mention the complete revamp of the facilities and golf course and then hiring their own staff. A fresh start.

One year and two visits after the takeover by Lisini, I can truly say I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it! Any reservations I had have turned to dinner reservations!

The Wide Mouth Frog Restaurant is very trendy inside – a French chic meets bachelor pad. Black leather, dark wood and textured patterned hot pink wallpaper.


The photo isn’t great – I was trying to be discreet! And there were people eating next to the wall paper

As always…onto the food!


Goats Cheese & Tomato Basil Tart

This was absolutely delicious! The tart comprised of a bed of golden, flaky pasty, topped with melted goats cheese. Upon that were juicy beef tomatoes, rocket and a basil dressing. The goats cheese was strong and creamy which was offset by the juicy tomatoes, blended with basil. It was a generous serving.

Pan Roasted King Scallops with Black Pudding, Leek & Parmesan Gratin

Three perfectly cooked scallops served in a Leek & Parmesan sauce with cubes of black pudding, topped with rocket. The scallops were tender and meaty with crisp ends, just lovely. The leek and Parmesan gratin was lovely but there was barely any leek. This didn’t affect the taste – it was creamy and mild and suited the black pudding and meaty scallops. It was a neat portion and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Main Courses

Pappardelle Pesto

This was a lovely, herby dish. The pappardelle was served al-dente and evenly coated in green pesto. Topped with rocket.

Sirloin Steak with Peppercorn Sauce

And another…

This is the second steak I’ve had in Dalziel Park’s Wide Mouth Frog Restaurant. It was absolutely beautiful and everything a steak should be. I order medium as I’m a bit funny with rare steak – I’m getting there though. I used to be part of the ‘medium-well’ crew but I’m progressing towards rare! It was pink in the middle, very, very juicy and served on a slate. Served with a pot of peppercorn sauce, skinned tomato, mushroom, lightly battered onion rings and crisp chunky chips. It was beautiful!

The staff were friendly and attentive, and the bar staff pay attention to detail with cocktails. I ordered my usual pre-dinner cocktail of a French Martini and despite it being a classic, it was beautifully made in an iced glass with fresh raspberries.

Dalziel Park has beautiful food, a lovely restaurant and lovely staff. I highly recommend people in the Lanarkshire area try it – especially those who tried it under previous management! Massive well done to the new owners, who I think are here to stay!

Dalziel Park,
Hagen Drive,

(01698) 862862



2 thoughts on “The Wide Mouth Frog Restaurant, Dalziel Park

    1. Aw Jo you’d have loved it, it was sooo juciy and tasty. Feel free to do a food tour in my neck of the woods and I’ll join!


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