The Longhouse, Kilmarnock

My love affair with Scotts in Troon is no secret. First exposed by Facebook check-ins, I now openly declare my love and maintain that I never refuse an invitation to the restaurant. Scotts is part of the Buzzworks family who recently announced the arrival of a new bundle of joy – The Longhouse in Kilmarnock.

Kilmarnock is somewhere that isn’t recognise for its food, ocean views or culture – in fact, a recent TV programme portrayed the Ayrshire town as…miserable (and that’s sparing you some pretty brutal detail!). Away from the TV drama, Kilmarnock is actually a nice place. And even nicer now that they have a gastro pub/restaurant to boast about…


Situated on a quiet street – inconspicuous – is this little beauty which resembles a countryside tavern.

ImagePhoto courtesy of 5PM

Inside, you are greeted by a mixture of hard wood, stone, copper and then a few disco balls for good measure. The modern yet warm and cosy feel to the restaurant ticks my first box. The staff (one I recognised from Scotts) treat you like royalty – nothing is too much hassle and they go above and beyond to ensure you’re comfortable and eating your food in the EXACT way you want! I decided to try a cocktail, as we arrived early and opted for the fruity Lost Geisha. It was beautiful! A mixture of fruity liqueurs and purees served over ice in a tall glass (pictured below), it was really refreshing and sweet!


Anyway! The food…

Something new…”Nibbles!”

You have the option of 4 for £6.95 or they can be bought in singles for £1.95 each.


We opted for a double serving of the Parmesan Chunks served with sweet onion marmalade, Piquillo Peppers, Giant Olives and a small salad. The parmesan was nice and mild, and the marmalade was more tangy than sweet. The Piquillo peppers were also tangy – I had expected them to be sweet for some reason, but the shaved garlic balanced the flavour. Mixing them all together was delicious but due to the mixture of strong flavours I didn’t each much of them.


Shetland Mussels Marinière

A very generous portion of large mussels – fresh as fresh could be – in a dreamy, creamy garlic sauce. Sauce so beautiful I soaked my garlic bread in it. Delicious.

Pâté served with onion marmalade, toasted garlic & herb bread

Light and smooth, garlicky pâté served with garlic bread and a dressed salad.

Main Courses

Half Lobster Shell, served with crayfish and king prawns, mixed salad and fries.

For photographic effect I was looking forward to the lobster shell arriving, but as I ordered, I was told that they’d run out of shells and it would be served in a dish. I was disappointed, but understood. When this meal reached my table I couldn’t have cared less about the shell…it was outstanding. Fondant mashed potato surrounded by the mixed shellfish and covered in a cheese sauce. It was very filling, but comforting. I barely touched my fries and garlic bread – it was far too much!

Goats Cheese Parcels

This dish was particularly beautiful in the way it was served – a beautiful red pepper/butternut squash (my assumption) sauce surrounding the parcels, scattered basil leaves and shaved and baked courgette. The sweet sauce married with the tangy cheese and fresh herbs was really beautiful.

Supreme of Salmon

The salmon was perfectly cooked – slightly crisp on the outside, flaky and tender inside. The salmon was on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes, surrounded by slices of courgette, butternut squash and peppers. The duo of sauces were very light and subtle, which is perfect for salmon; a light butter cream sauce, and a red pepper, carrot and butternut squash mixture.


After a very filling main meal I was completely convinced that I was finished eating for the foreseeable future. And then the word to break me was spoken:


Good lord. It was far too good for words. I’ve never eaten such a light tiramisu – it was creamy and boozy and just utterly decadent! Honestly, if nothing else, try this!

Rhubarb & Ginger Brûlée


I am a lover of Crème brûlée but Rhubarb is the one dessert ingredient that totally turns me off. I have no idea why I don’t like it. I didn’t taste this one, but I can quote the man who tried it who simply muttered “awesome” in between mouthfuls. I could see that the sugar was caramelised beautifully – nothing burned – and the brûlée was creamy, soft and set.



To conclude…


Starters: 10/10
Mains: 10/10
Desserts: 10000/10
Venue: 10/10
Service: 10/10

A home run for The Longhouse! I absolutely loved it. A cosy, less formal version of my favourite restaurant. If Scotts can produce a Tiramisu like The Longhouse they will never ever get rid of me!

* * *

130 Titchfield Street,



(01563) 535130


* * *

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