Luck Be a Lady!

On Friday night my work colleagues and I ventured to the Alea Casino in Glasgow for a night out after hearing great things from a friend. We booked the “Dine out for £20” meal package and entry to the casino is free.

Photographs aren’t permitted in the casino itself due to customer privacy, but I have to say that it really is a beautiful casino with a grand interior. Huge light installations, textured walls and a mixture of mosaic tiles and carpet. It has a very modern and boutique style.

Image from

From the minute we entered to the minute we left the staff were always visible, friendly, and helpful. We were shown to our seats in the restaurant, brought drinks promptly and the waitresses were bubbly and friendly. Even the security staff were nice – I would forgive them for being Dobermans given the nature of their job – but they were friendly and smiled!

The Meal

Starter: Crisp Haggis Bon Bons

Served with Whisky & Mustard sauce and a side salad. I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture first – so annoyed with myself! They were lovely and presented well. My only further comment was just that the Whisky & Mustard sauce just tasted like the bottled flavoured mayonnaise. It was still very tasty!

Main course: Poached Haddock Mornay


As you can see, the chef displays the food beautifully! Spring onion fondant mash potato, surrounded by the Mornay cheese sauce, green beans and then the Haddock with a small salad on top.

This dish can be very stodgy but in the proportions served it was a delicious and comfortably filling meal.

Dessert: Exotic Crème Brûlée


From right to left: Coconut shortbread, passionfruit crème brûlée, brandy snap basket of brunoise kiwi and pineapple salsa.

The dessert was light and refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The coconut shortbread didn’t taste of coconut at all – I’m not sure if I was given plain or if the flavour just didn’t come through, but either way it was sweet, short and lovely. I had an issue trying to crunch through the caramelised sugar without crunching the passionfruit seed, but the flavour was really beautiful!

We were served teas, coffees and wine – everyone at the table thoroughly enjoyed their meals.!

The Casino

As a group of novice gamblers we made our way to the bar first of all. Drinks were reasonably priced and the cocktails were served in large portions as opposed to the normal teeny tiny Martini glasses many cocktail bars opt for these days.


Image from

We approached the table and the gentleman operating the table was very patient and explained the game thoroughly to us. Each person is given a different coloured chip to place bets with – you could tell which bet belonged to which player. We made our bets and some of us lost (me!) and some of us won (my line manager was £50 up!). It was great fun and no skill was involved!


Image from

From watching movies and TV shows, the novelty of saying “hit me” was clearly all too much! I don’t think any of us won a penny on this one – but it was fun to watch!

Slot Machines

Image from

The good old slots! Skill free and completely addictive – we spent the last stage of our night with drinks and slot machines!

While I didn’t win enough money to quit my job and take up life in Hawaii, I had a really fantastic night. The casino can cost you nothing if you want to just go in and watch and enjoy the bar and cocktails, or if you fancy a challenge you can gamble anything from £1 upwards.

I will definitely be back at the casino for a meal, some drinks and then hopefully to make my millions!

* * *

Starters: 9/10
Mains: 10/10
Desserts: 9/10
Venue: 10/10
Service: 10/10

* * *

Alea Casino
Springfield Quay Glasgow G5 8NP
0141 555 6100


If you’re interested in Casinos, have a look here:

Red Leaf Restaurant at Alea Glasgow on Urbanspoon

11 thoughts on “Luck Be a Lady!

  1. Great Review ,, any chance I could post / pinch / link to my site Please all about casinos and I have a passion for food and hoping to promote the good food they do in Casinos


    • Funny you should say that as I was told that the food is usually reliable in casinos so that gamblers dont feel the need to leave for meals!


    • Funny you should say that as I was told that the food is usually reliable in casinos so that gamblers dont feel the need to leave for meals!

      Ill add a link to your blog on mine – if you’d be so kind to return the favour :)


  2. Hey There! Thanks so much for following my blog, I really appreciate it! I really enjoyed this post. When I saw the review I thought “yay! another foodie:)” Looking forward to reading more and hope you will tell your friends about my blog as well. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see more of and I hope you have a great weekend!

    Mrs. B


  3. Hi Herby, I’m sure this is the casino myself and my siblings had a meal at a year or so ago. I remember the food was absolutely delicious. We did the A la carte (sp?) menu and even then the prices were resonable. We didn’t have time to check out the casino, but then I’d gotten burnt some years back when I put two pay-packets on to the roulette table in the Rogano and loss it all, so I wasn’t too upset by having to leave early. :) Nice review and lovely blog.


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